I Would Not Have Chosen Kenny G For This Moment

Ode to Joy, would have been more like it.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.


This morning was pretty quiet on the southern front – just some brown, as I had been having from the day before.  I got to my desk and called BossMan (since I work from home) and informed him that I was planning to have a relatively normal day work wise and that was it. Silly girl.

Mr. X came home from work around 11:45 and we headed out for lunch.  We noshed, talked memories – specifically when I moved in with him after we were engaged – and headed home.  He dropped me off, I got the mail and went inside.

And then, I went to the bathroom. 

So, there was blood. Again. I was not as surprised since Dr. Salsa had informed us yesterday that this bleeding could last some time.  Then, I felt something literally fall out of me and I heard a giant plop.  I looked down and it was a huge bloody mass (think round, globular, like an egg yolk except about 5 times as big).  I was pretty convinced that I had just passed my baby. 

I will not begin to try to describe the emotions that I felt.  Suffice it to say, I was numb and shocked and everything else all at once.  You would think having gone through this twice would have prepared me, but no such luck. 

I did at least have the presence of mind to run to the kitchen, get a baggie and a spoon and fish  out the ‘specimen’.  When I got to it to the freezer, I had the Sophie’s choice of where to put it – on the ice cream? on the Omaha steaks? If I had been in any other situation, I probably would have found this hysterical.  But, not this time.

I called Dr. Salsa’s office and told them what I thought had happened.  I then called Mr. X and had him turn right around from driving to work and come home.  Dr. Salsa called back and told us to meet him at the office at 2.  We had an hour to wait to see him.  I cried with Mr. X – I mean I bawled.  I sent an email to my parents.  I needed all the support I could get.  And, I cycled through all of the plans that would likely need to be made.

Finally, we left to see Dr. Salsa with our precious cargo in a little white styrofoam container.  We didn’t speak on the 10 minute drive over. We had already said what needed to be said. Thankfully, there were no patients at the office and we were able to get into the room immediately.  I placed the styrofoam container on the desk and got undressed.  And, we waited.  For some unknown and frankly unfathomable reason, they had Kenny G piping through the speakers.


Dr. Salsa peeked at the specimen and said it actually looked like a clot. Funny, the thing was ginormous – easily the size of my fist – and I could have sworn I saw a little baby in it, but I thought I’ll let the man have his delusion. I know

In went the dildo cam and I mentally prepared myself to see a vacant uterus.  What I wasn’t prepared for was what we actually saw:

The Little Bugger.  Still there, still going strong, heart still beating.  OMFG, I bawled right there – do you know how uncomfortable it is to cry big heaving sobs with a wand up your snatch? I don’t recommend it. But, I was just so relieved that I just started crying.  Heart rate was 177, and we saw the unbilical cord complete with the blood flow looking like a giant highway with cars going back and forth on it.

Turns out what I passed was just a clot – in fact it was the clot that had started the original bleeding before.  This would explain the absolute lack of cramping and pain in the passing. 

And, once I had settled down and realized that all was, in fact, still well, I could not help but think that any music other than Kenny G would have been far more appropriate for this moment. This moment of the utter joy of relief.

27 thoughts on “I Would Not Have Chosen Kenny G For This Moment

  1. My lands, Mrs. X. This is intense. Again, I’m so sorry you had to have a day like that.

    So, now that the Clot from Hell has gone its separate way, is there any chance you’ll get a respite from all this worry? Here’s hoping…

  2. Clueless as ever, I just looked up Kenny G in wikipidea.

    Here’s to hoping the next few months are a good deal calmer. Just glad to hear that your little bugger is hanging in there.

  3. I did not breath until the very end of this post. I will keep you in my prayers everyday. You have already been there, but wow what a clot.

  4. Holy Moly! That is one of the most terrifying stories I’ve ever heard! I can’t even begin to imagine the horror you must have felt when you looked in the toilet.

    I am beyond relived that Little One is still thriving. It’s times like these when I bet you wish you could have a nice, big drink, eh?


  5. whoa, 80’s flashback. I always cringed at Kenny G’s hair.

    I’m glad everything is ok. But man, I know that heart-sinking feeling well. Made my heart skip a beat. Rest easy, friend.

  6. i had my heart in my throat when i read your post.

    you’ve got a tenacious one in there, mrs. x!!!! i’m so relieved!

  7. Oh my goodness….what a relief. I can recall the emotions you went through all too easily. Stay in there little buger! stay in there!

  8. oy, yeah unfortunately i do know how uncomfortable it is to be sobbing with relief while being u/s wanded. something you never, ever forget!

    sounds like you had a really, really scary episode. so glad to hear your little bugger is hanging in there and thriving. 🙂

  9. Well, I hope that ends all of the bleeding episodes, and you can now go on to have a quiet and uneventful pregnancy.

    Major sigh of relief here for you. Much luck.

  10. Thank God everything is all right with you two!
    Clot from Hell no doubt.
    Well, you sure ain’t having it dull, do you now… Hoping you can catch a break from now on. Best of everything to you! Stay well.

  11. HOLY FREAKING COW! Now that my heart has started beating again…I think I’ll get to baking my cookies…

    I am, again, so thankful that as of right now everything is ok with that Little Bugger.

    Praying every time I think of you…

  12. Holy crap that’s scary! I was really biting my nails reading this. So glad everything is okay. I know I would have been terrified too and if there is ever going to be a moment for Kenny G it would be this.

  13. I know this post is anything but funny… BUT

    “do you know how uncomfortable it is to cry big heaving sobs with a wand up your snatch?”


  14. Yikes – that must’ve been so scary and emotional for you! I’m so glad that you still have the baby. I recently came across your blog…thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  15. Whew! You are nothing if not exciting, woman! And I thought my “P” (not saying the word) were exciting. I’ve got nothing on you in that department!! Freaky but begnin kidney disorders & amneos are nothing compared to fist sized blood clots & laughing during dildo cam.

    So glad to hear all is well with your little bugger. Hope you’re still riding the wave!

  16. I held my breath to the end of the post, too! Oh thank god, Mrs. X, I am so happy for you right now. You must have been out of your mind! What joy there must have been in those tears to hear your little one’s heart beating!

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