Name That Blog!

Okay, peeps.  2011 is right around the corner, I’m growing my hair out (again) and I turn 35 in less than two months.  What does all of this mean?

It means that I’m itching again. Itching for change, for mixing up, for something new.  Since divorce is out of the question (Mr. X politely, but firmly refused when I requested one last week to pursue Ryan Reynolds, explaining that he may look very good, but is apparently a real jerk) and money for redecorating the kitchen is not a line item in our budget, I honed in on that one other area that I could do something with: this here blog.

I asked you all in April whether or not I should find a new space for my half-baked well-thought out and coherent blatherings and the resounding answer was no.  I am not revisiting that question.  But, the fact remains that I am no longer as young – hello 35! – nor am I technically infertile anymore (although emotionally, once an infertile, always an infertile).

My compromise? I want to stay here, but have a new name and the freedom to write about the wider world.  I’ve been using what little gray matter I have to come up with a new name that meets so many different criteria: catchy, short, memorable, descriptive (but not overly so), witty, pithy, downright humorous and recognizing the drama that we made it through to get here.

Once again, in my hour of need, I turn to you, bright shining spots of humanity for help. What in the Sam Hell do I name this blog?!

Consider the topics that it will cover:  motherhood after infertility and miscarriage, general parenting blathering, pets, husbands (as pets and on their own), books, movies, TV, hobbies, my mad Mahjongg Skillz, my overall general awesomeness, your general overall awesomeness, current events, not so current events and pretty much everything else that’s fit to print (except my job. I refuse to talk about my job). So, no mentions of me being a lawyer. Everything else is fair game.

All I ask is that the new name cannot be the name of another blog. I want to keep it for a while and not get sued.

To sweeten the pot, I will offer to the winner a handmade item such as a holder for knitting needles, placemats, or a totebag (it’s totally negotiable and I have awesome fabrics).  Several readers have been recipients of my handiwork and swear up and down that they love it (even if they secretly give it to the Goodwill), so what’s there to lose?

Get Cracking!

14 thoughts on “Name That Blog!

  1. Okay it’s not the most creative idea, but since it appears you’re good at sewing and you want to include many aspects of your life how about…My Sew Called Life?

    Best of luck coming up with the perfect new blog title:)


  2. OH, I like Rebecca’s suggestion.

    I went through this just a few months ago, thanks to a cease and desist order. Stupid toy company. Hmmmpf. It’s hard to come up with the perfect name!


    Good luck!

    Nice to see you again? How did I lose track of you??

  3. I guess that means the X-Files is out, huh?

    Perhaps something like: IV-Exed (or IVXed, or other variation)

    Or… The Chronicles of Mrs. X
    (thediaryofmrsx is on blogger, but not updated since 2008)

  4. Well, since the X-Files is probably out, how about something like the X Chronicles, or Ex Chronicles (though that might sound like it’s about divorce). Or maybe something 18th-Century sounding like A Brief History of X or The Life of X: A True History.

  5. Die Marquise von X would probably wind you up with too much baggage. I will ponder. (What about going back to the soap opera well? Anyway, I have three miles to run in the gym momentarily…perhaps something will occur to me.)

    Hey…another lawyer. Why do I always find I relate to the bloggers better who later turn out to be lawyers (or, to have been lawyers all along)?

    Don’t answer that.

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