Grace in Small Things 1/31/2011

Last day of warm weather for a while. Boo.

  1. Organized all of my FB friends into different groups to be able to filter posts.  Yay for privacy on FB!
  2. Got lots of giggles out of Rex. I swear they are addictive.
  3. Turned potential crisis into major win without minimal amount of panic and dithering.
  4. First of three Mah Jongg strategy books have been shipped and is wending its way to me!
  5. Indulging in my guilty pleasure of watching Intervention.

Onwards and upwards, always.

Grace in Small Things 1/30/2011

Gorgeous sunny day.

  1. Sitting on my parent’s newly finished back porch drinking champagne while Rex played at my dad’s feet.  Absolutely wonderful.
  2. Got to play Mah Jongg all afternoon.  I didn’t do very well, but I still love the game.
  3. Listening to Mr. X read Rex Goodnight Gorilla.  He does such a wonderful job!
  4. Homemade birthday cake. Y-U-M.
  5. Mr. X got me a Blu Ray DVD player so we can now stream Netflix and all sorts of other wonderful things.  Yipee!

Onwards and upwards, always.

Grace in Small Things 1/29/2011

How is it that it’s almost the end of January already? Anyone?

  1. Actually sprinted out of bed this morning – although not with great enthusiasm for the day but to get the dog’s water bowl out of Rex’s reach before Rex got there.  Mission accomplished and I was up for the day.
  2. Lovely morning walk with Rex and G. Met lots of neighbors and their dogs and Rex doled out smiles to the ladies like candy. The child is a FLIRT.
  3. Successfully navigated BRU with Rex and without Mr. X.  Saw numerous large bellies and the most I could summon up was a shudder at the thought of what topsy turvy experience was about to come their way.  Also managed not to put anything in the basket that wasn’t on the list.
  4. Wore my new cardigan today and loved how cute it was.
  5. Date night with Mr. X. We saw The Social Network and it was so good.  We had a lovely dinner and good conversation.  We needed it.

Onwards and upwards, always.

Grace in Small Things 1/28/2011

Everyone in the household felt better today. Hallelujah.

  1. It was in the 70s here today.  H-E-A-V-E-N.  Blue skied, sun-shiny heaven.
  2. Watching G lay in the sun and being able to tell that he was so blissed out by just laying there.  I was blissed out too.
  3. Making plans for the weekend.  Date-night Saturday night, Mah Jongg tournament on Sunday along with pre-birthday celebrations since my real birthday is on an unexciting Wednesday. So looking forward to it all.
  4. Rex is learning to wave.  Absolutely adorable.
  5. Cleaned up my desk.  First time all week, but it’s done.

Onwards and upwards, always.

Grace in Small Things 1/27/2011

Feeling so much better today, which was great because I was able to take care of Rex … and Mr. X who has managed to get himself the RSV.

  1. Great follow up appointment with the doctor who marveled at my over achiever who’s lungs were already getting better and whose ears were beginning to clear.  He also got lots of love from the nurses.
  2. Doctor claims she spied tooth number three – one on the top this time!
  3. Getting to watch Rex push around the laundry basket on the floor while he was on his knees.  He did it later with his truck.  So neat to see.
  4. Took Rex with me to get the car washed. It was a lot of fun to narrate the scene of the cars coming out of the wash tunnel and to see the activities.  He is so acutely alert and he was just watching everything going on, taking it all in.  Extra bonus – clean car!
  5. I got a nice afternoon nap while Rex took his.  It’s taken me a long time to be able to sleep when he sleeps and it is such a wonderful milestone to reach.

Onwards and upwards, always.

Grace in Small Things 1/26/2011

Ugh, stomach issues all day but I will find 5 things that made me happy, dammit!

  1. Slept like a rock last night, as did Rex.  I so needed that, as did he.
  2. Rex is feeling better. I can tell because he’s giggling more, crawling and getting into inappropriate things at his usual fast pace.
  3. Mr. X used his Hilton Honors points to book us a super swan-kay hotel room in Miami’s South Beach for our April vacation. My jaw dropped when I heard how much the rooms normally go for a night.
  4. Continued gorgeous weather allowed us to sit outside this afternoon and enjoy the sun.  Yes, I am thrilled that I no longer live on the East Coast.
  5. Getting to watch mindless television and just chill since I don’t have the energy to do anything else is still pretty darn good.

Onwards and upwards, always.

Grace in Small Things 1/25/2011

Sooooo tired, but in the I had a full day kind of way.

  1. Rex was home with me today as he was a sick kiddo.  Took him to the doctor’s office and saw a new (to us) pediatrician who diagnosed him with the trifecta of RSV, double ear infection and wheezing. Despite all of this, my little guy gave me smiles and giggles.  All I wanted to do today was take care of him and make him feel better.  I finally felt like I was his mom and that my job was to make whatever was causing him pain or discomfort to go away.  The day just flew – he went with me on errands and we had some great play time.  I got to see him pull up on his stroller and start to push it and heard him say “Go, go, go, go.”  This was such a huge success for me and I am so proud!
  2. I have hit 100 subscribers on Google Reader!! Whoever you are, thanks for signing up!
  3. Lots of wonderful comments on Facebook sending good virtual hugs and kisses to Rex to get better.
  4. Rex actually was content to just sit in my lap in the waiting room at the doctor’s office while watching people and the train that goes around on a track up in the ceiling.  I loved snuggling with him.
  5. Very excited about the book I picked up at the library today.  I feel like I’ve been in such a book rut. Hopefully this one will live up to the hype.

Onwards and upwards, always.

Grace in Small Things 1/24/2011

Trying day, but here’s what made me happy:

  1. Sleeping in. Until 7:50.  Heaven.
  2. Grandpa came and gave G a great big walk so I didn’t feel guilty about not giving him one this morning.
  3. Being able to comfort Rex who has a nasty cold.
  4. Being able to offer advice to some new-to-be-parents.
  5. Having Rex sit with us on the couch. He so loves to be up high with us!

Onwards and upwards, always.

Grace in Small Things 1/23/2011

Almost forgot tonight. Oops!

  1. It’s my 400th post!  Holy cow!
  2. Lovely brunch with friends and Rex.  Bagels, cream cheese and lox. Yum.
  3. Watching my dad with Rex.  Makes my wizened heart squeeze everytime.
  4. Got to enjoy the lovely photographs that my mom took of us yesterday at the Gardens. We’re looking good!
  5. One of my best friends’ bebe celebrated her 6 month birthday today. Yay B. B. and T!

Onwards and upwards, always.