Daily Love 1-1-11

I am shamelessly stealing this idea from the lovely Sprogblogger.  Reading her Days of Grace each day,where she finds five beautiful things to be thankful for no matter what awful shit has hit the fan, is incredibly inspiring.  Seeing the positive out of the negative was never one of my strong suits so this exercise is right up my alley.  I hope that I’m able to keep up with it each day, but if not, I forgive myself in advance.   So, without further ado, here goes.

  1. New look and name for my blog.  The picture on the header? That’s ME.  I’m surprisingly relieved that my blog is now more about all of me, rather than one very important part.
  2. Getting Rex to laugh even though he is El Crankito due to teething.  I love me some giggling baby.
  3. Date night with the hubs.  Need I say more?
  4. Saw The King’s Speech as part of date night. Wonderful movie, very inspiring and also an excellent lesson in how not to raise your children.
  5. Surprising my dad with a homemade cherry pie.

Onwards and upwards, always.

12 thoughts on “Daily Love 1-1-11

    • Seriously, spring for the babysitter. Totally worth it for date night. We’ve had more dates now than when we were married without a kid and I for one am thrilled with this new development!

  1. Love the new look and name! Can’t wait to see what else we get to learn about you this year.

    Teething? HYLAND’S TEETHING TABLETS! Yes, I put that all in caps so you can hear me over the screeching of the young Mr. Rex and his sore little mouth…

    If you haven’t found them – go buy a bottle now. They dissolve instantly and their magic works almost instantaneously. FarmWife told me about them and I”m so glad I listened to her…they work so much better than booze to calm the kids! 😀

    Seriously…the brands of numbing stuff SUCK, and then you have an even droolier kid to clean up when they can feel nothing for the 5 minutes until the Orajel washes off their gums…

    Happy New Year, and hoping this year is AWESOME for you and the fam…PS – the 1st birthday bash for the little man? You are going to have a blast watching him get all covered in whatever cake thing you pick for him…have the camera ready

    • Many people have recommended Hyland’s. The only problem is that they are currently recalled – how much does that suck! But, I’ve heard at least one report of infant botulism reported being linked to them, so when they are finally released again, we’ll have to see.

      We are so looking forward to the 1st birthday bash – not only for the orgy of chocolate that Rex will make out of his cake, but for the MARGARITAS that will be consumed. By us, not him. 🙂

  2. Love the new header and the new name. I’ve been following you for a long time, and I’m glad you’re continuing to blog. You are a very good writer. Best wishes for a wonderful New Year to you, Mr X and little Rex! Heather

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