Grace in Small Things 1-3-2011

Daily Love has now taken the more appropriate title of Grace in Small Things since thanks to Wilma, I have joined this wonderful group.  Finished Mah Jongg a tad late last night, hence no time to posty. But, here’s the recap from yesterday.

  1. Blissful 1/2 hour reading Sunday’s paper at the dealership while waiting for the car’s oil change (which was FREE).  Can’t beat a free oil change and 1/2 hour of peace.
  2. Broke in the new Mah Jongg set with lovely friends.  Of course, I had 8 too many flower tiles, but we realized it only after the first game, so no harm no foul. And, while I didn’t win at all (pout), my friends had a great time and my dining room table turned out to be perfectly sized for Mah Jongg.  Even better – Rex slept through the whole thing.  More hosting in the future!
  3. Grandpa’s who make my world go round. Grandpa picked up the pooch, took him to the vet to get his (dog’s, not grandpa’s) nails trimmed and then walked him. He was rewarded when he returned with a big smile from Rex. All together now: awwwww.
  4. Tickling Rex.  Oh my God this is like the greatest thing EVER.  He doesn’t have the coordination yet to get away, so I can be naughty and tickle him senseless.
  5. Not being incredibly pissed off about not winning at Mah Jongg.  This is really big for me since in the past, I would have been very peeved.  Now? Not so much.

Onwards and upwards, always.

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