Grace in Small Things 1-8-2011

Wonderful day today.

  1. Mr. X fed the pets this morning which meant that I was not woken up by a cat jumping strategically on my ribs.  I surprised Mr. X with my vehement gratitude at this act.  I do it the other six days of the week, so it was very nice to have him take it upon himself today.
  2. I instead woke up to the sounds of Rex trilling in the dining room.  Mr. X brought him into our bedroom and I was able to snuggle Rex to my heart’s content, until of course, the child decided that it was time to go exploring in the bed which was about five seconds after he was placed in my arms.  I am beginning to develop a baby huffing addition.
  3. We had a great shopping trip to our favorite baby re-sale store and got lots of great onesies that should fit him for some time to come including, no kidding, an Electric Company onesie!!!
  4. Enjoying margaritas and spicy shrimp cocktail with my parents at our house while watching the Saints game.
  5. Relaxing in the bath and reading a thoroughly trashy novel. Bliss.

Onwards and upwards, always.

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