Grace in Small Things 1-9-2011

Long day.

  1. While I couldn’t sleep past 6am due to nasty reflux, I was able to finish reading my book before I had to go in and get Rex.
  2. Once I went in to get Rex, he cooed and giggled and was just super cute all around.
  3. I made pancakes for breakfast and they were YUMMY.  Enjoyed them with Mr. X listening to Sunday Baroque while Rex snoozed.
  4. Got to begin choosing items from the menu at daycare for Rex to start trying.  I am so excited for him to really start table foods, especially since I don’t have to buy them or prepare them.  Yeah, I’m cheap and lazy that way.
  5. Trying to decide what to do in two days in L.A. with Mr. X for my birthday next month while Rex has good quality time with the grandparents.  So far, we have the Getty Museum and Santa Monica Pier.  We did Disneyworld a few years ago, so we’ll skip Disneyland this go round. Any other must-see, preferably quirky and off the wall, things? Are the La Brea tar pits worth it?

Onwards and upwards, always.

2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things 1-9-2011

  1. Melting Pot Tours: Farmers Market/3rd Street (sample foods from different vendors)

    La Brea tar pits seems cool (maybe wait till Rex is older so you can enjoy together)
    Visit the tar pits after you finish a The Melting pot tour (it’s right around the corner!!)

    Concert at Disney Concert Hall

    Late night show @ Sunset Blvd. Comedy Store

    Bring a bottle of wine for a gondola ride in the Venice Canals (there are other boat co. choices)

    The Santa Monica Pier is OK, it’s a bit ghetto & over priced.
    Don’t plan your day around the pier.
    If you have dinner in Santa Monica, walk over to the pier for a night stroll.
    Also the Santa Monica 3rd street promenade is next to the pier,
    it’s a street filled with typical mall shops…
    But there is enough live performances (a.k.a.: bum’s looking to make a dollar) to keep you entertained.
    Don’t park at the beach/pier – it’s a bitch to get out. Park in one of the 9 parking structures in Downtown Santa Monica

    Getty is great – the cafe usually offers a nice lunch.

    When you visit in the summer time, Hollywood Bowl or Greek Theater are a MUST!!!

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