Grace in Small Things 1/10/2011

Crappy weather today, but so much love.

  1. The Great 2011 Closet Clean Up is complete and I must say, it looks awesome. I even found a sweater that completely forgot I had.  It’s like finding free new (to me) clothes.
  2. Rex is now an official dual citizen.  His daddy was born in a country that is part of the Commonwealth but moved to the U.S. when he was a baby.  But, it was enough for him to have citizenship which he has passed on to Rex.  We got the certificate today and I am thrilled!
  3. Wonderful, wonderful time with Rex this evening when I was feeding him.  It was magical.
  4. Catching up with friends.  Such an important activity, and I’m glad I made time for it.
  5. Missing Mr. X who is away on business this week, but loving having the remote to myself.

Onwards and upwards, always.

4 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things 1/10/2011

  1. I periodically find clothes I forgot about, which makes me feel quite pleased with myself.
    Dual citizenship is on my mind as well, but since it requires two neurons to process this matter, I postpone it for later. I am talking about myself, since my son will be able to have dual citizenship when he is 18 if he so chooses. Without the hoops I am supposed to jump through. Which is just grand.
    Crappy day means great time indoors.

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