Grace in Small Things 1/11/11

Pretty darn good day.

  1. Was up, showered and ready to go when Rex got up.  That is huge people. Putting out my clothes the night before helped.
  2. Rex has discovered the joy of de-socking his feet in the car and then nomming the socks into a gooey, disgusting mess.  There’s something about watching an almost 10 month old gnawing on a sock that just makes you laugh.  That is until it’s time to go outside and there are exposed footsies in need of coverage but there are only gummed, gooey socks available. Eww.
  3. I made perfect strangers laugh on the internet today.  I greatly enjoy that.
  4. Enjoying time with Rex on the couch while he discovered the joy of getting wedged in the cushions.
  5. Listening to a fabulous podcast while putting away laundry.  It made me actually want to have more chores.

Onwards and upwards, always.

2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things 1/11/11

  1. Getting up, showered and ready before the baby is up is a huge accomplishment! Congrats! I’m also enjoying your daily posts. Thank you and good luck keeping it up.

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