Grace in Small Things 1/12/2011

Chilly (for us) day.

  1. I have perfected the art of layering.  I’m warm but I don’t look like the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man.  That was one thing I positively despised about winter in the East.  Giant puffy jackets that were completely lacking in fashion because otherwise you were freezing.  I now have an uber-awesome wool coat that is fashionably cut, but those years of LLBean still haunt me.  *Shiver*
  2. Diet Vanilla Pepsi is the shiznit.  I totally surprised myself too by just how much I liked it.  After discovering that I was out of my beloved Diet Coke with Lime, I turned in caffeine-deficient desperation to Mr. X’s stash of the Diet Pepsi.  And, wouldn’t you know? It’s actually really good.
  3. Parents are bringing over beef stew for dinner. Oh. My. God. I. Can’t. Wait.
  4. Rex de-socked himself on the 10 minute drive to day-care.  Rather than wrestle the offending items back on his little footsies which I knew was just not going to be pretty, I resorted to informing the staff that he had socks when he got in the car to avoid the nasty looks of other parents that a sockless baby in 30 degree weather will get you. Rex, for his part, was completely unphased about having bare feet in 30 degree weather. Maybe it was because he was carried like the prince that he is all the way from the car into the facility.  Just wait till you’re walking, mister!
  5. Saw the ENT about my pesky ear problem.  I like this guy. When I told him that I’d been dealing with this for 5 years, he said, “No shit!”.   I love inappropriate cursing from professionals.  Even better, it sounds like he might have a solution for what ails me.  Bring on the Nasonex.

Onward and upward, always.

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