Grace in Small Things 1/13/2011

Busy, productive and loooong day.

  1. I have discovered the best time for grocery shopping: 8:30am on a Thursday.  The staff outnumbered the shoppers and it was supremely easy to get everything I needed. Bonus: I saved $23!
  2. New light fixtures for the outside of the house. Soon, tantalizingly soon, those godawful ca. 1990 brass fixtures will be gone replaced with gorgeous, classic, oiled bronze fixtures.  Bonus: I saved $150!
  3. Took the time to finish the cover for the little table in Rex’s room that we use for nighttime feeding and general bottle putting down.  It’s a little wonky, but nothing terrible.  Not too bad for something that I did completely without a pattern (or a clue).
  4. Got ingredients for Slow Cooker Experiment # 2: chicken with pancetta, peas and herbs.  Hopefully by the time Mr. X arrives home tomorrow, the house will smell DIVINE.
  5. Got my haircut and it feels so much better.  Hairdresser is on board with my Operation Hair Gro and shaped my mop into a bob in anticipation of longer locks in the future.  We’ll see how long I can make it this time (literally and figuratively)

Onwards and upwards, always.

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