Grace in Small Things 1/14/2011

Nasty weather day. Definitely looking forward to the projected 70s and SUN on Monday.

  1. Mr. X returns.  This should easily be designated items 1-3 but he would be embarrassed by such attention.
  2. Clean house.  Ooh, how I love a clean house.
  3. My switchering around of paintings and posters is looking awesome.  I was even able to find homes for three pictures that had been banished to the closet.
  4. Learned of another possible cure for my sinus blues from my boss, of all people.  It was good to commiserate with someone equally nasally-challenged.
  5. Put off making the chicken with pancetta until Sunday night, but that means that parents get to come over and enjoy it with us.  I think that’s a win-win!

Onwards and upwards, always.

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