Grace in Small Things 1/16/2011

Nasty weather finally beginning to lift.

  1. Woke up to Rex crying this morning, which is unusual for him.  I went in and got him out of his sleep sack but he was still wailing, so I put him up to my chest and rocked him in our chair and he fell asleep again.  It was so peaceful and sweet.  And then he woke up and was his usual happy self.
  2. Good morning naps all around. For me and for Rex.  There’s a nap for that.
  3. House smelled divine from Crockpot Experiment #2, chicken with Pancetta, herbs and peas.  It tasted even better.
  4. Watching my dad play with Rex.   These are the moments that I waited so long for and they were so worth it.
  5. Had a good home visit with a prospective adoptive family for the Golden Retriever rescue organization that gave us G.  Bonus- Mr. X had margaritas ready when I got home!

Onwards and upwards, always.

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