10. Months. Old.

We have double digits, people.  Rex is 10 months old.  Babies who were not even conceived when he was born have completely gestated and joined the world.  The seasons have changed and changed  back again.  And, Mr. X and I have been doing this parenting thing for a little over 300 days.  We have all grown so much since then.  But Rex’s statistics of growth are so much more interesting than ours. So, here they are.


The boy is gargantuan.  He is larger than the 14 month olds in his day care class and has been mistaken for a one year old for a few months now.  But, he’s proportional and super strong.  He can pull small lamps off of tables with no difficulty.  And watch out if he has it in his head to pull on your scarf while its on your neck.  Learned that one the hard way last week. Oof.

He has a beautiful head of blonde hair and will soon need to be trimmed because it can get in his gorgeous large blue eyes.  He has two teeth, both on the bottom, one still not quite in yet.  We can hear him using them when crunching Baby Mum Mum’s.

He’s now wearing little shoes during the day to help give him traction as he is pulling up on things and thinking about cruzing the furniture.  He’s begun to practice walk with Grandpa as well as Mr. X and I.  So cute.


Rex has discovered his voice and loves to trill up through the various registers.  He is also learning the art of the grunt as well as the whine.  Crying is no longer just for when he is hurt or hungry.  It’s for when mommy takes away his blue bucket in the bathtub or takes away a treasured, but totally dangerous toy.

‘Mama’s’ and ‘dada’s’ are par for the course and we are pretty certain that he has said Dada at Mr. X and meant it.  It also sounded like he said, “Hey you” to the cat the other day, but we could just be hearing things. Or my child could just be a genius. Guess which one I’m leaning toward?

We are actively pointing at things with him and saying their names.  He’s beginning to point at the dog and saying a ‘duh’ sound.  Maybe, as in “Duh! It’s a dog, lady. Everyone knows that!”


We are week four into Operation Substitute Food for Simicrack and so far so good. We’ve been slowly reducing his formula intake for greater intakes of finger foods and strained foods.  He’s getting more insistent about feeding himself which is fun to watch, since half of the food ends up in his lap or on the floor.

He’s a champ with the sippy cup and loves to bang it on the high chair for maximum noise effect.


Daycare is reporting that naps are getting harder and harder for him.  He’s just so darned excited about everything, all the things to do, the people to see the things to try.  I can’t say I blame him.  The good news is that we don’t have much difficulty with naps at home on the weekends, so we suspect that it is a daycare thing, not a nap crisis thing.

We are all getting good long, rest in the evenings.  I will say no more lest I jinx it to hell.

We’re already planning Rex’s 1-year birthday bash.  Mind you, this party is about 80% for us and 20% for him.  The theme: He Thrived, We Survived.  There will be alcohol.

4 thoughts on “10. Months. Old.

  1. I love the theme. And that is exactly why we celebrated my daughter’s first birthday in a bar. All I had to do was bring the cupcakes and they provided everything else we needed.

  2. Hooray! I’m so glad to hear about his good progress. You and Mr. X are doing a superb job, and I can’t wait to hear about the next stages of the journey.

    • Thanks so much. It’s always so encouraging to hear from veteran parents that we are doing a good job! We still look at each other at least once a day to see if the other has a clue about this parenting thing.

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