Grace in Small Things 1/19/2011

Meh kind of day.

  1. Walked 2 miles this morning.  So invigorating and needed.  It also allowed me to indulge in my guilty pleasure of checking out everyone’s garbage and recycling since it’s that day of the week.
  2. Pancetta for dinner.
  3. Wednesday is bath day for Rex and he had a fabulous time, as usual.  We have baths down to an exact science these days. I do most of the bathing but Mr. X will hold Rex up so that I can wash Rex’s underparts.  We call this portion “Riverdance” because Rex does the riverdance. Every single time.  It is really hard to wash a riverdancing baby, but oh so fun.
  4. Invitation to brunch this weekend from a good friend. Very excited to share the time with her family and ours.
  5. Taking it easy this evening because my shoulder is killing me.  I must have overdone it bringing in the groceries earlier, but it does force me to just be for a while.  Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow.

Onwards and upwards, always.

3 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things 1/19/2011

  1. I meant to comment the other day…That is awesome you are donating your frozen embryo. Good for you. I enjoy your daily posts and am glad you sound so happy and content with little Rex.

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