Grace in Small Things 1/20/2011

Good day.

  1. Had an x-ray done of my sinuses to try to figure out why my right ear has been basically clogged up for 5 years.  This was a fancy machine – instead of the usual x-ray machine, this was one of those where you are on the moving table and the ring goes around you. I almost fell asleep.
  2. Won $4 at Bunco.  It was because I had the most losses, but hey, I recouped my $3 and made a buck.  Got to catch up with neighbors and shamelessly show off the latest Rex picture on my phone.
  3. Walked with Rex through the house.  He’s getting better and better at knowing to moving his feet, one at a time.  Granted, he still does it peg-leg style with no bending at the knee, but it’s still super cute.
  4. My shoulder is feeling better.  It *almost* doesn’t hurt to take a deep breath now.
  5. Friends just had a new baby (their third) and I wasn’t the least bit jealous. Just very happy for them.

Onwards and upwards, always.

2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things 1/20/2011

  1. I was at Bunco on Weds. night with pictures of my own to share. Our group is a little different – $5 at the door, but the prizes are fewer and bigger. I had the most wins so ended up with a $20 gift cert, but I also had the most Buncos and most mini-Bunco’s so could have ended up with all 3 prizes if we allowed such.

    Isn’t it great to just be happy for pregnancies/new babies?

  2. Have they figured out about your ear yet? My left ear has been bothering me for years. “Plugged,” down into my throat sometimes, & sometimes sort of crackly. I’ve been consulting Dr. Google 😉 & I keep coming up with TMJ as a possible diagnosis. My dentist has remarked that he can tell I grind my teeth :p so I suppose it’s a possibility.

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