Grace in Small Things 1/21/2011

Things that made me happy today:

  1. Went with Mr. X to pick up Rex from day care.  We found him at the door looking out and he gave us the biggest grin because he was so happy to see us.  We were very happy to see him.
  2. Finally got to see the premiere of Big Love.  Oh, those wacky polygamists.  Everyone is so upset that they came out of the polygamy closet.   I’m more upset that they are all whining about it.  So what if some people choose to have more than one wife.  Just don’t make me be a plural wife. I would so not do well being ‘lead’ by my husband.
  3. Shoulder continues to feel better. I was even able to pick up Rex without too much pain.
  4. Helped Rex walk 7 steps – I counted out loud for him.  And then he decided it was time to plop down.  We were also super impressed with how easily he was able to pull himself up on the ottoman in the living room.  Only a matter of time, methinks, before we have a walker.
  5. I was really touched to see the video of all of the people in Tuscon lining up along the street to watch the ambulance carrying Gabrielle Giffords.   It was so wonderful to see such support for her.

Onwards and upwards, always.

One thought on “Grace in Small Things 1/21/2011

  1. You know – as the first wife, you get to have a LOT of say in the whole delegation of housework and such…

    just sayin’ 😉

    Glad things are well at Chez X (I think you should call it “CheX” for fun…) and that Rex is doing so well and that you and Mr. X are having so much fun with him. It only gets better from here!

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