Grace in Small Things 1/26/2011

Ugh, stomach issues all day but I will find 5 things that made me happy, dammit!

  1. Slept like a rock last night, as did Rex.  I so needed that, as did he.
  2. Rex is feeling better. I can tell because he’s giggling more, crawling and getting into inappropriate things at his usual fast pace.
  3. Mr. X used his Hilton Honors points to book us a super swan-kay hotel room in Miami’s South Beach for our April vacation. My jaw dropped when I heard how much the rooms normally go for a night.
  4. Continued gorgeous weather allowed us to sit outside this afternoon and enjoy the sun.  Yes, I am thrilled that I no longer live on the East Coast.
  5. Getting to watch mindless television and just chill since I don’t have the energy to do anything else is still pretty darn good.

Onwards and upwards, always.

2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things 1/26/2011

  1. Sorry you’re still feeling icky…hope it passes SOON!

    I’m glad you were able to rest well – I had my first uninterrupted 8 hours since August last night, so I’m with you! Something about those germs that disrupts their sleep patterns, and hence mine…grrrrrrr…

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