Grace in Small Things 2/15/2011

A gift of a day – warm, sunny and relatively easy.

  1. I wrote a note to an ex-boyfriend today apologizing for being cruel or mean to him after we broke up.  I’ve been taking stock of how I sometimes treated people in the past and I know I could have (and should have) been better to him.  Better late than never – I sent it today.  Writing the note  also gave me an excuse to use my fancy French notecards. Ooh-la-la!
  2. Rex has had a sock fetish for as long as he has been able to de-sock himself.  Today he took it to a new level: crawling while carrying the sock in his mouth. Like the dog.  It was so freaking cute that I immediately got a video of it and posted it on Facebook.  I have become that person.
  3. Finally made good on two promises!
  4. Spring is springing!  Spring training has begun, festival season is kicking off and I spy buds on the trees.
  5. Managed to get my library books back to the library on the day they were due.  I hate late fees.

Onwards and upwards, always.

One thought on “Grace in Small Things 2/15/2011

  1. There is something about baby socks alright. They stay infinitely less on little feet than they stay in little hands. And I still have to see the appeal in sock chewing, but I think I’m too old to appreciate such fine things.

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