Grace in Small Things 2/16/2011

Epically frustrating day.  It was not just one thing, but lots of little things.  Ugh. Truly a day to look hard for the things that were bright.

  1. I made at least several people’s day with the video of Rex crawling around with a sock in his mouth.  Hell, it made my day again. And again. And again.  I needed it today.
  2. I’m rediscovering my Poli Sci major from college.
  3. Discussing Rex’s first birthday party (29 days away!) with my parents at dinner.  Most of the planning was for the celebration that we, the adult, will have for making it through the first year.  I doubt that Rex will really appreciate the gravity of the calendar hitting March 17 and will be content to smoosh his face into a cupcake of sugar-y goodness.  We will be content to smoosh our faces into margaritas.
  4. Made plans with my mom to take Rex to the park on Saturday for his first swing set experience!
  5. Comfy pants fresh out of the dryer.

Onwards and upwards, always.

One thought on “Grace in Small Things 2/16/2011

  1. Dear heavens – is it really only 29 days til March 17th??????? And Rex was seriously born that day…that’s eerie…I knew we were close when you announced, but I had no idea that Littlest One and Rex share a birthday…perhaps we should have the marriage brokers start the negotiations… 😀

    I’m sorry yesterday was sucky…hoping today was better, and that tomorrow will be better still.

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