Grace in Small Things 2/20/2011

How is it that it’s the 20th already?

  1. Invigorating walk with Rex and G this morning.  I felt it in my glutes! The weather was lovely, too.
  2. Met an incredibly inspiring woman who is juggling alot and managing beautifully.
  3. Visited the book store with Rex.  Plucked him in his umbrella stroller, gave him two socks to play with and we were off to the races!  I love that stroller.
  4. Great dinner with my parents on their back deck.  We laughed a lot.
  5. I furminated the rug in our dining room.  I was both amazed and disgusted at the amount of animal hair that was in it.  Vacuuming apparently has been useless against the gravitational pull of kitty fur.  At least the rug is significantly cleaner now.

Onwards and upwards, always.

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