Grace in Small Things 2/22/2011

Loooooooooong day, but still good.

  1. There are flowers blooming in my garden.  I have done nothing to encourage this behavior, so I am thrilled.
  2. Rex held onto my pinky finger while I was giving him his bottle this evening.  I didn’t want him to finish the bottle because I would have let go of his finger.  I was even able to nuzzle and sniff his hair.  He smells so incredibly delicious.
  3. Really, really good hair day.
  4. Getting to lay around in my jammies watching TV with Mr. X this evening.
  5. I bought some Shamrock head boppy thingies for Rex and then modeled them on him.  I was howling at how freaking CUTE he looked.  He will be wearing those on his birthday and there will be pictures.

Onwards and upwards, always.

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