Grace in Small Things 2/24/2011

Good day, it was. Good freaking day.

  1. Pedicures.  First one of the season and it was so incredibly wonderful, I don’t think I could even describe it.  My toes are gorgeous and my mind is at rest.  And, for an eye opening discussion, talk to a pedicurist about life with the feet.  Very interesting, in a Dirtiest Jobs in America kind of way.
  2. Excellent upper arm workout this evening throwing Rex up in the air.  Don’t worry, at 25lbs I wasn’t able to give him much of a lift, but it was enough for him to scream in paroxysms of joy.
  3. My parents had a fabulous time with Rex last night and went on and on this morning about how fun he is.  He is also apparently getting quite adept at climbing up their stairs.  I am once again thankful we live in a single story house.  He can climb stairs at grandma and grandpa’s house to his heart’s content and they get to deal with getting him down again.
  4. Malbec wine from Argentina.  Uber smooth and all around awesome.
  5. Kitty is kneading my tummy and it feels really good.  How can you say no to this face?


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