Grace in Small Things 3/3/2011

  1. I was drawing Rex’s bath this evening while Mr. X got him nekkid (that is the technical term).  All of a sudden, I heard a yell from the bedroom and Mr. X declared a Code Brown!!  I ran to his aid with the box of wipes and we managed to get Rex’s bottom completely clean but not before Rex had managed to swipe a wipe from the box and giggle with delight.  Mr. X then delivered him to the bath holding him under his armits, little Rex legs kicking and a look of absolute delight on his face, grasping his wipe.  Oh, the joy of this child!
  2. G met a new doggie in the neighborhood (Henry) and they proceeded to play with each other, as much as two dogs can play with each other on their respective leashes.  I was engrossed making sure G didn’t do anything untoward and all of a sudden, I heard Rex laugh and laugh at the spectacle.
  3. Mardi Gras time!  I may not be in New Orleans, but my King Cake from Haydel’s arrived on time and with plenty of sugar.  Mmmmm.
  4. Mr. X and I are about to have a Very Special Evening watching the last episode of Battlestar Galatica.  We started the series before I was even pregnant with Rex and now we’re almost at the end.  Sniff!
  5. Raul Julia, what a wonderful actor he was!

Onwards and upwards, always.

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