Grace In Small Things 3/5/2011

  1. Mr. X allowed me to sleep in this morning until 8am.  However, from 7am onwards, I was serenaded with Rex singing and laughing.   It was fabulous listening to him interacting with Mr. X while I got to snuggle in the warm bed.
  2. We ordered Rex’s birthday cake today!!!  We went to the fancy schmancy bakery and ordered a shamrock cake for our little St. Patrick.  Well, the cake is actually for us but we got him a cupcake to dig into and get intertwined with his luscious blonde locks.
  3. Date night with Mr. X! We went and saw Cedar Rapids.  It was awesome.
  4. Mr. X and I have become a well oiled machine when it comes to taking care of Rex.   It is a thing of beauty.
  5. Finally got back to the library.  I’ve been bereft of good reading for a while so I am looking forward to the promise of a good book!

Onwards and upwards, always.

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