Grace in Small Things 3/8/2011

Happy Mardi Gras!

  1. Finally got the Neftlix streaming up and running on the Blu Ray.  Dana Carvey on SNL on demand = so many levels of awesomeness I cannot begin to express.  Next, I think I’ll start watching the first season of 30 Rock.  I love me some Alec Baldwin. He may be crazy and just this side of Charlie Sheen when it comes to his relationships with women, but he is still a fabulous actor.
  2. Got back into making a quilt out of Rex’s infant clothes.  Brought back lots of memories, some good, some not so good. But, it’s something I need to do to  because these outfits are so iconic to us now since he wore them a lot those first few months.   I don’t know quite what he might do with the quilt but it will be a great keepsake for us.
  3. My toddler parenting books arrived today from Amazon!  I’m really looking forward to reading them and beginning to get an idea of what’s ahead.  Am I certifiable to be excited about this next stage?
  4. I felt really beautiful today.
  5. Rex is beginning to enjoy chasing after the kitties.  He’s still pretty slow – by kitty standards – so they trot a few spaces ahead of him and then sit down to watch his progress.  Rex also gets easily distracted (ooh! truck!) but the joy he has in his face when he reaquires his target is fantastic.  I’ve been waiting for the day when we would have a good method of exercising the cats.  I think we are the verge of putting the plan into effect.

Onwards and upwards, always.

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