Grace in Small Things 3/10/2011

Had to skip last night – I was just really tired and uninspired. But, I’m back!

  1. I have found Way No. 5,234 to make Rex laugh.  We were outside on the back porch and he was crawling around while I was standing.  He parked his bottom on my foot and I protested by pulling up my foot while he was sitting on it.  He thought this was fantastic.  He would lift up his bottom and then put it back down on my foot and I would of course protest again.  I never, never, ever get tired of hearing that child laugh.
  2. There is something incredibly decadent about shopping for spring flowers in March.  I still can’t believe that I get to live in a climate in which springs arrives in March, not May.  I am now the proud owner of two gorgeous geraniums on my front porch.  They are so cheerful.
  3. I managed to lose another subscriber on Google Reader.   This actually made me laugh.  I have no idea why, but at least it shows that I really don’t care anymore. Finally.
  4. It’s Lenten season, and while I do not observe Lent, it brings many fond memories of college in New Orleans, where Lent is practiced as hard as Mardi Gras.  One such memory: my very Jewish male friend declared one year that for Lent he was giving up abstinence.  Awesome.
  5. Nice dinner with my dad since both of our respective spouses are out of town. I made meatloaf and he brought over a nice Chianti.  No fava beans, thankfully.

Onwards and upwards, always.

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