Grace in Small Things 3/12/2011

  1. I got to sleep for 10 HOURS STRAIGHT last night.  I am not bragging, I am celebrating.  I was on early wake up duty all week because Mr. X was out of town and by Friday I was just dragging.  It was so nice to have him home and on Rex duty in the morning.  Rex, bless his heart, also helped out by sleeping in until 7:15.
  2. Lovely mid-day spent at the outdoor mall with Rex, Mr. X and my dad. My three favorite men!
  3. Of course, this trip was to check out the Coach store where I picked up this beauty of a new wallet.  I love a 25% off coupon!
  4. We finished Battlestar Galactica this evening.  Good ending, but sad.
  5. Watching Rex “walk” his stroller around the house today.  My boy is growing up!

Onwards and upwards, always.

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