Grace in Small Things 3/13/2011

  1. Rex sang before going down for both of his naps today.  “Singing” for him is making all kinds of vocalizations up and down the scale punctuated by a few yells, whoops, etc.  If this child doesn’t have musical ability when he’s older, I will be very surprised.
  2. I did a good deed and indulged Mr. X’s sudden craving for ice cream, but not before asking him if he was pregnant.  He assured me that he was not.  He also shared his new found bounty with Rex who is now an ice cream addict.  This child lurves him some ice cream.
  3. I went and looked at paint chips at Lowe’s for possible colors in the kitchen.  For as long as I wanted Rex, I have also wanted to paint my kitchen.  I’m glad that Rex came first, but now I want a yellow kitchen with new countertops that don’t stain from a single drop of strawberry juice or wine (yes, seriously, they do) and white painted cabinets.  I don’t even mind the awful tile in there, just please, please let me have a bright, freshly painted kitchen.  Pretty please?
  4. This was that one morning in the year that the animals were not bugging us for food when we woke up because of daylight savings time.  It is so pleasant to awaken without the assistance of a cat jumping on my ribs or shuffling papers or eating papers or knocking shit off the nightstand or meowing in my face or walking on my face.
  5. I got some great pictures of Rex after he got up from his morning nap and was in the most fabulous mood.

Onwards and upwards, always.

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