Grace in Small Things 3/14/2011

Happy Pi Day!

  1. Rex went down like a champ last night at his usual bed time despite the one hour difference in time.  He packed a lot of baby activities into the day so he was ready to go to the land of nod, at least for an evening.  He was still snoozing when Mr. X came in to get him to go to school.  Too soon I fear his little body will adjust and we’ll be back to 6:30am wake ups, but for now I will savor the trickery.
  2. Mr. X and are rather bereft that there is one episode of Big Love left forever.  We spent a not insignificant amount of time last night determining how the ends would be wrapped up considering that there are quite a few and not many of them are prone to a neat conclusion.  It’s been such an entertaining show!
  3. Mah Jongg returns this evening. Let’s hope I remember my strategy.  We’re playing a my friend’s house whose husband always watches his DVR’d shows while we play.  It’s kind of hard to concentrate on the tiles when there is a documentary about pot going on in the background.  It was particularly awkward when we were all silent contemplating our hands and the narrator, in a great deep-narrator voice said, “Pete lights the bong and takes a hit.”  Maybe he’ll watch something a little less distracting tonight.
  4. I managed to conquer my bad mood this morning that seemed to dictate me getting annoyed at very small things.  I think the Chick-Fil-A I had for lunch helped.
  5. I’m getting very excited for Rex’s birthday party on Saturday!  Both sets of grandparents, some family friends and a child digging his hands into a cupcake with green icing = a very good time.

Onwards and upwards, always.

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