Grace in Small Things 3/15/2011

  1. Mah Jongg last night was fabulous.  Despite having been out of practice for several weeks, I managed to win two games much to the consternation of my fellow players.  It was also a lovely evening of wine, catching up and evening breezes from the open windows.
  2. I scored a free $15 iTunes gift card just by getting ink toner that I already needed.  I’m thinking of using it on the new Adele album.
  3. My mother has returned from Back East bearing gifts (in our family known as “sussies”) of a crab onesie for Rex (OMG, SO CUTE) and awesome chocolate cookies for the adults.  She graciously pointed out that she and my father limited our ability to over indulge by leaving us just two cookies.  Isn’t she nice?
  4. Got a question on FB from an old high school friend who with his wife will be welcoming their first child in May.  He wanted to know what kinds of restrictions we placed on people having access to Rex those first few weeks home, i.e. who could touch him, etc.  I was frank with him and explained that at the time, I had a raging case of PPD and practically begged other people to hold my baby, and regardless of who held him, he ended up getting his first illness at daycare, so their mileage may vary.  I told him about my PPD because I wanted him to know, subconsciously, that if his wife has the supreme misfortune to have PPD, I can help.   I really, really hope that she doesn’t.
  5. Looked at pictures of Rex when he was first born, almost one year ago, and I’m tickled at how much he has grown during that time.  It’s so hard to remember now when he was an infant and couldn’t even hold his head up when compared with the singing, squealing, whirling dervish of activity that he has become.   What will this next year have in store? I’m so excited to find out.

Onwards and upwards, always.

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