Grace in Small Things 3/18/2011

Day started with a semi-panicked yell from Mr. X in the garage as he was getting ready to take Rex to school that Rexfelt “a little warm”.  Ended with a diagnosis of yet another ear infection and a cranky Rex. Bless his little heart.

  1. Everyone loved the pictures I took of Rex with his green cupcake.  I should have gotten a shot of the green icing that was still up his nose this morning, though.  That was just classic.
  2. Despite having an ear infection, Rex was in a fabulous mood at the doctor’s office.  He serenaded the pediatrician and charmed the office manager to the point that she declared that he was an “angel”.  Yes, I made that!
  3. I had one of those perfect moments this evening.  It was dusk and quiet in the house as Rex was already in bed and Mr. X was on his computer.  I had seen our house in this light so many times over the years, but never before had I seen it knowing that our house was full.  My heart felt full too.
  4. Rex’s grandparents are coming in to town tomorrow for Rex’s birthday party.  I can’t wait to see their joy at seeing Rex and how much he’s grown in the whopping month since they last saw him.  Bonus: margaritas for the adults!
  5. Bought myself some gorgeous handmade jewelry from my best friend.  A total win win.

Onwards and upwards, always.

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