Grace in Small Things 3/21/2011

Sorry to have skipped last night. It was the Big Love finale, I was tired from hosting guests over the weekend and I just wasn’t in the mood.  But, I’m back!

  1. I could not stop giving Rex kisses tonight while he was having his evening bottle.  Maybe it was because he snuggled under my chin or maybe it was because I just love to hold him, feel his solid (and I mean solid) weight in my arms and listen to him contentedly drink away on his bottle.  I love this child more than I could have ever thought possible.
  2. I think I made someone’s day today.  That makes me incredibly happy.
  3. Looking forward to my mom coming over for dinner tomorrow night.  It’ll be just the two of us since Mr. X is out of town and my dad is taking a brief trip overseas.  We’ll have a good time.
  4. Mr. X is out of town, but told me this evening that he loved listening to my voice.  What a wonderful guy!
  5. I realized today how happy I am. There’s nothing really left to say.

Onwards and upwards, always.

2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things 3/21/2011

  1. You know, sometimes just making someone’s day ends up making their month. Small things end up being large blessings.

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