Well Hello There!

A thousand apologies for the radio silence these past two days.  I could tell you it was because I had a litany of boring, but exceedingly pesky bodily ailments including Pink Eye and stomach trouble plus sinus issues meaning I just really didn’t feel like thinking or, by extension blogging.  I could tell you that. But, it wouldn’t be entirely true.  (although the pink eye/stomach ailment/sinus part is true. )

The truth is that while I could easily think of five good things each day, I couldn’t think of five good new things that you, dear Reader, had never seen before.  I’m never going to be the Gawker of Grace in Small Things, constantly breaking new and amazing things on here because frankly, my life – wonderful as it is – is pretty boring day-to-day when viewed in a Top 5 kind of way.  I was getting kind of bored of repeating pretty much the same ones each day.

So what does this mean? It means that I’m going to condense my GIST posts from one a day to maybe one a week. I will still mentally practice it daily, as I had been doing before, but I will only share the really awesome moments with you fine people. This also frees up my blogging mojo for other posts that are pinging around my head but must wait behind the daily 5 slog.

Onwards and upwards, always.


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