Grace in Small Things 4/17/2011

  1. Rex is 13 months old today.  It literally seems like just yesterday that he was slathering his face with green icing.  He celebrated his 13th month birthday by standing unassisted for about 5 seconds, before he realized that he was standing and plopped down.
  2. We took my parents to the airport this afternoon for the start of their summer exile.  It was much easier to say goodbye this year than last year.  There were no tears, just promises to have a good summer.  This is a promise I intend to keep.
  3. I am ridiculously excited about getting a coupon organizer that I can take with me to the grocery store.  Half the time I have coupons and don’t remember that I have them. Maybe now I will be able to make use of them and save some moolah. Gotta pay for the kitchen renovation!
  4. Some friends of ours just had their second baby.  I am thrilled for them and not the least bit jealous.  It feels amazing.
  5. I had dueling Crock Pots going this afternoon making the house smell fantastic. Meatloaf and Spanish rice.  Yum.

One thought on “Grace in Small Things 4/17/2011

  1. Being a coupon queen, I always carry my coupon organizer. I’m ashamed to say I have 3 more coupon binders and a coupon box at home to take my coupon organizing to a sickening level.

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