Grace in Small Things 5/8/2011

A special Mother’s Day edition:

1) This Mother’s Day, unlike last year’s, I feel so good about the mom I am to Rex. I feel all of the gratitude and appreciation for having him that I was beating myself up last year for not having.  I’m glad I gave myself the time to get to this place where I can be a good mom to Rex.I enjoy being a mom now.  What a concept.

2) Rex had his first taste of peanut butter this morning.  As a lifelong peanut-butter-holic, I would be thrilled if he too could develop a loving relationship with one of the world’s most perfect foods.  From his first tentative tastes off of the edge of a knife to the devouring of his toast slathered with the divine stuff, he was hooked.  One day we’ll work him up to my level of addiction: super chunky.

3) Mr. X got me the most awesome Mother’s Day present ever: the entire Beatles collection on iTunes.

4) Eco-Geek-Cheap-Alert: our local water system is very much into conservation which I fully support.  I support it even more now that they are offering FREE low flow, dual flushing toilets for houses that are old (mine), have “water wasting toilets” (mine) and have cheap-ass owners (mine).  Add to that the $50 gift card I have from the plumbers to go towards the installation, and it looks like we’re getting two new porcelain gods for a very low overall price.  I hope this means the days of misbehaving toilets are behind us.

5) Destination for this year’s Girls Weekend has been set: Newport, Rhode Island! I plan to pick up some decorating tips and have some authentic New England seafood such as Lahb-stah, and more lahb-stah.

One thought on “Grace in Small Things 5/8/2011

  1. We used to say that our terrible toilets were full of crap. Because we’re hilarious like that. Getting new ones? Best. Investment. Ever. And a coupon? Even more awesome.

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