There’s a Person In There

For as much as Rex resembles a human, his ability to communicate in the English language has been understandably lacking.  Even I, who believes that he is only months away from SAT prep, understands that grasping the spoken word can take a while when the mouth is unused to working with the tongue to form words, let alone put those words to concepts.


During this time, I’ve lumped Rex in the same category as our animals – an adorable enigma with whom I will never be able to have an intelligent, spoken conversation.  While the cats meowed and the dog barked (and barked, and barked) to tell us whatever they felt was necessary, Rex cried to express his thoughts (tired! hungry! pissed! pissed on! poopy!).  Even when his cries evolved into different cries for different situations, there was still that empty space of the one-sided conversations I would have with him.

Today, Mr. X brought Rex home from day care and reported that Rex can make the figure of a circle with his finger when you say “circle”.  He is also beginning to understand ‘down’.  He is trying to say the word sock when we tell him that we’re putting his socks on.  He is trying to say “ball”.  He says dada and mama.   My child is no Helen Keller, but damn do I feel like Anne Sullivan.  There’s a person in there! And he’s learning how to speak our language!

I feel such an amazing sense of accomplishment at this. It’s not that I am responsible for his development – I am one of a whole host of other people.  My sense of accomplishment is that I stuck it out through the infertility, the miscarriages, the post-partum depression, the sleep deprivation, the adorable enigma crying phase, to get to this point where I get to have the interactions that made me want to have a child in the first place.  I get to start communicating with and getting to know a new little person who is mine.

6 thoughts on “There’s a Person In There

  1. This may sound weird, but I think that’s a very good thing – that what you wanted all along was to have a relationship with a person, not to have an adorable accessory baby to carry around. I think it’s easy through the fog of IF to lose focus on everything but that bundle of inarticulate infant, and that’s not (from my totally ignorant perspective, except for the part about being someone’s child, I guess) what parenthood is supposed to be about.

    Also, congrats to Rex. Now he can learn to say shocking things in public – another important milestone!

  2. Oh hooray! The fun is REALLY just beginning now…take video, record those sounds and cute attempts and mimicking for future times.

    OK, you don’t really have to do all that unless you’re that kind of person.

    I agree with The Misfit…it’s so important to remember that the end result of all this is that some day, Rex will be a man with whom you have this amazing relationship and you’ll get the incredible bonus of knowing that it’s all your fault…errr…I mean, you’re responsible for shaping him into that man. It’s heady to know he’s really truly this little person that understands and knows, and is learning and now, all those things he’s learned in the last 15 months can be spouted back at you.

    Enjoy this next step of the journey.

  3. I’m one of those silly women who loved having an infant around, but I also love the fact that my “baby” is now having complex thoughts and sharing them with us (whether we want him to or not). It’s so fascinating to meet the little people inside the howling lumps of baby! And it happens so fast….

  4. Just wait till he starts wheedling for a second dessert or more Legos. Then you’ll wish he’d just go back to grunting and pointing already! Oh, wait, they do that when they;re teenagers, don’t they? =>

  5. I love those breakthroughs. My favorite recent moments come when my little dude cracks up at a word like “that” or “Texas” that sounds really cool to him.

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