CSI: Toddler Room

There is a pint-sized biter in Rex’s toddler room.   One of those adorable little persons is sinking their fangs into the delectably chubby limbs of their unsuspecting classmates.  Rex was not in this new classroom a full week before he was a victim of the Little Chomper.  We were told that Rex had it coming attempted to pick up the other child’s sippy cup after the child had put it down  thus provoking the bite.  He came home that day with a nasty looking welt on his arm but otherwise seemed no worse for the wear.  Less than a week later, I received a call from the daycare reporting that the same child had bitten my child again! and this time, there was no apparent provocation on Rex’s part.

Not the Culprit - Via Creative Commons

Our concern for Rex’s safety soon morphed into anger that the Little Chomper was allowed to roam free in the general population after such heinous crimes against my sweet blonde cherub.  Because, now, it seemed like Rex’s bites were personal.  Little Chomper obviously had it out for my kid since LC had bitten him twice, one time of which was unprovoked.  Typical toddler behavior you say, total vampire tendencies I say. It is obvious that Little Chomper vanted my baby’s blood.

For their part, the daycare has been annoyingly adult about the whole thing.  They won’t share with us the identity of Little Chomper because they’re progressive like that or perhaps they knew that if we were told we would give the kid the evil eye every time we dropped off and picked up Rex.  And rather than put the offender in the stocks (I bet those Puritans would have obliged me) to ponder his or her biting ways, the plan going forward has been to keep Little Chomper and Rex separated in the classroom.

This plan so far seems to be working.  There have been no further biting incidents against Rex. But, Mr. X swears that Little Chomper struck again the other day and this time the victim was Rex’s BFF.  Mr. X might even have figured out the identify of the Little Chomper.  Better get those pint sized stocks ready.

10 thoughts on “CSI: Toddler Room

  1. I always found out who was biting my daughter. It probably helps that I actually work in a crime lab. 🙂 No, actually, I’m just nosy and would listen to other conversations and peek at the notes to other parents. After the 2nd or 3rd time my daughter got bit, I suggested they start keeping an eye on the biter…

  2. At my house I can always tell who did the biting by the teeth marks left behind. I’ve never told the Farmhands that so they think it’s Mommy Mojo. 🙂

    So far we haven’t had a biter outside the confines of our house, but there are a few children at school I’d like to put in the stocks just for the fun of it.

  3. We had a chomper incident back in the day too. Chomping kids are like the loch ness monster.. everyone has had an incident, but no one ever sees the culprit in action. In my scenario, the chomper left daycare ultimately, but I never knew if the kid was pushed out or the parents just grew weary of the damage reports.

    Been thinking of you… I hope you are not near the fires?? It’s been all over our news here all the way in Jersey.

  4. I can sort of maybe kind of I guess see the logic of protecting the identity of the accused (I mean, this isn’t a murder investigation, people!) IF the day care puts the biter in solitary until his biting days have passed. Or muzzles him. Or something. Preventing vigilante justice makes sense if there is ANOTHER system in place, but if there is NO system? Not so much.

  5. ay. i worry about the bean getting bitten one day… but i live in fear of his being the biter. once a toddler gets a taste for human flesh, there’s no turning back.

    it is refreshing to read a version of this story that involves less hysteria than the usual ones, i must say.

  6. I think my favorite line is ‘the daycare has been annoyingly adult.’ But like BionicB. I’m afraid it’s my child who will be the biter (and bully).

    Good luck with the baby stocks. It’s a fabulous idea!

  7. I have a friend that is the mother of a biter. She’s beside herself trying to figure out how to make him stop. The send him home each time he does it, too. I think that part of the reason she is so invested in finding a solution is because she has to leave work to get him…

  8. Yeah – I’m the mom of a biter. He started as the bitee and I was ok with that. Then he turned into the biter. Trust me being the mom of the biter is much worse! I used to pray when I saw an email from school that he’d been bitten instead of bitten someone else. FYI, I was on the board of directors of the daycare center my daughter went to and it is very normal for them not to share names. In fact, I’d be a little shocked to hear that a center would do that. Of course once the kids get a little older they’ll just tell you who did it. Anyhoo, my main point is to say that truly the parent of biter probably feels just awful!

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