7w1d: Embracing Reality

I refused to even consider maternity clothes when I was pregnant with Rex until I was into the second trimester.  I couldn’t understand how ladies with a barely dry, positive pee stick ran out and started loading up on maternity wear.    What better way to tempt the Fates, than to buy maternity clothes in the first trimester?  I knew how the world worked when it came to the dreaded “m” word and damned if I was going to prove the axiom right.

This time, though, fear has given way to a sort of dress-in the-moment attitude.  The moment currently is that I’m pregnant and I need to dress in something other than flowing dresses because I don’t have that many and my summer tops are feeling neglected from lack of use.   Enter the two Old Navy Maternity shorts that I ordered this morning with no twinge of fear.   At least I’ll be comfortable for the next few weeks – especially on our vacation next week in the Caribbean – and if things don’t work out, I know where I can sell them.  It’s a win-win.

Mr. X and I have also had preliminary discussions of planning for where Baby Lagniappe might sleep, when to tell Rex, and how to handle day care.  We talked about giving breast-feeding another try and what we might need to stock up on again.  And you know what? It didn’t bother me one bit.

5 thoughts on “7w1d: Embracing Reality

  1. i *love* your attitude. im going to work hard to embrace it.

    what you said the other day about already having won the lottery has been bouncing around in my head these past days…it’s so true. no matter what happens next, we’ve already been blessed beyond our wildest dreams. good to keep that perspective in mind.

  2. Dude, WOWZA! Congratulations!! I have been gone a week, but it seems I’ve been off the grid for a month…
    This is wonderful news and I hope everything goes so perfectly textbook boring that you need to pick up cross stitching to get time pass faster. Although having Rex should keep you entertained enough. I know George does, and blimey, I have no idea when I got to be 26 weeks already…
    Anyway, you have the right attitude and I hope you get to actually properly enjoy this pregnancy. Without fear and worries and all that jazz. You deserve that.
    I am very happy for you.

  3. I am so proud of you!!!!!!!! Your attitude is awesome, and I am just giddy for you all right now!
    That open mind and easy discussions are HUGE steps.
    Prayers for continued blessings and peace of mind and heart for you and Mr. X. Rex is going to be a stellar big brother!!

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