10w4d: Live to see another day

Quick update to report that baby is still there, measuring 10w3d with a heartbeat of 180. 

Moments of the absurd:

– Sono tech banging on my belly to wake up the baby and it responding with outraged wiggling.
– I’m being referred to the MFM who shared (and still shares) office space with Dr. Uterus for my sequential screening. AWKWARD.

6 thoughts on “10w4d: Live to see another day

  1. Wahoo! The first time my OB checked my daughter’s heartbeat it was quite high, and he declared her (correctly) a girl. I don’t think the research really proves that theory though. I told him ‘Myeh- you have a 50/50 shot at being right.”

    • Congratulations – 12 weeks today according to your ticker! I am so so delighted for you!! 🙂

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