What a Difference Three Years Makes

Today is our last full day in our current home. The movers come tomorrow, the boxes are already packed, the walls are bare and damned if I can find half of the shit I need.  My mom is here to help with Rex wrangling, packing, cleaning, etc.  Mr. X is tearing his hair out at the details.  I’m playing the pregnancy card like it’s going out of style.

Three years ago today, though, Michael Jackson died and Rex was conceived.  It was the day of our egg retrieval that resulted in that amazing child we now have and we have come to recognize it each year.   We could not have begun to imagine that three years in the future we would be moving and I would be pregnant again, this time naturally.  No way, no how.

Finally, time moving has resulted in good things, not the same.

3 thoughts on “What a Difference Three Years Makes

  1. How refreshingly optimist of you! I remember three years ago, and it was not easy, to put it euphemistically. So glad to see this change.
    Good luck with the move and everything. Hope everything goes smooth and easy.
    Waiting for an update from the anatomy scan. 🙂

  2. Gee, I thought Michael Jackson died about six months ago…

    Seriously, it is always nice when there are some actual milestones behind you! And I would so not have the patience to play the pregnancy card…I am SO BOSSY when we’re moving! Hope you love your new place! (Will there be pictures?)

  3. Hope your home move went smoothly any news on what flavor baby you are having? Waiting excitedly for your next update 🙂 x

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