21w0d: Mover and Shaker

As a general matter, I do not recommend moving households with a toddler.  I especially don’t recommend it when the moving truck gets delayed because the driver is not authorized to come into the new state you’re moving to, and you are without your household goods for four days.  Add into the mix two cats, one elderly Golden Retriever and gestating another human being and it is freaking hard work. Thank goodness for my mom, good friends and meticulous planning.

Before we moved, I had the anatomy scan with the MFM who shares office space with Dr. Uterus.   I was pretty certain going in that we were having a girl.  Mr. X was pretty certain we were having a boy.  In the X family, there has not been a girl born since 1932.  Yes, there has not been a girl born in the family in 80 years.  The girl in question, however, is still kicking at 80 despite a regrettable smoking habit.

So who won?







Me. Of course. We’re having a baby girl.  My mother-in-law was beyond herself.  After three grandsons, she’s getting a granddaughter.  I for one am not looking forward to onslaught of pink frills that will inevitably invade my home. For her part, baby is a mover and shaker.  I’ve been feeling her move since 13 weeks.

The scan did show a marginal placenta previa, but hopefully that will resolve itself by 28 weeks.  No restrictions other than no sexy time.  Which, considering all of the crap we’re going through, that is the last thing on the agenda.