26w1d: Still Kicking

I’ve caught myself several times thinking how much easier, more enjoyable and overall less stressful this pregnancy has been than my one with Rex.  The Been There Done That factor cannot be underestimated, but it’s also that I’m not waiting for the other shoe to drop this time around.  I was religious about doing my kick counts each day starting in the second trimester. This time around, I note that she has a vigorous kicking period whenever I’m sitting, driving, doing anything at least once a day and otherwise pay general attention to things but don’t get overly stressed.

I’ve already met with the new OB in my New Town and she is so far turning out to be what I wanted: no nonsense, efficient and calm.  Her office is actually run better than my old OB’s office. Mr. X and I also toured L&D in the new hospital where we’ll be going.  I use ‘new’ in the sense that it is new to us.  It is by no means brand new like the hospital where I delivered Rex.  But, it’s clean, well staffed, has a Level 3 NICU and has all of the modern conveniences.  It even has a sofa bed for Mr. X which the other hospital did not have.  He will just have to get used to the fact that it smells like a ca. 1980s Motel 6.

We also had a follow up ultrasound to determine if my pesky placenta had started its journey north away from my cervix and for Mr. X to see more evidence that we are in fact having a girl.  Placenta was on its way up and bebe is still a girl. Silly boy Mr. X questioned the prior ultrasound that he did not attend, being in another state and all, because girls are are not what the family is known for producing.  Given the testosterone-y history of his family, I can’t say I blame him, but still, I told him again that I knew from the start that were having a girl and subtly implied that he should trust me on this one.

Glucose test is next week.  I will be drinking the Kool Aid and should hopefully live to tell the tale.

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