Teary at Target

Mr. X and I are so far down the rabbit hole of being parents of small children that the possibility of both of us going to Target without children was too tempting not to pass up as the closing act on date night.  Yes, I paid someone to watch my kids so my husband and I could have a date night including a trip to Target.**.  I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that it was HEAVEN.

(**We did have a romantic dinner on the lakefront followed by a long walk and ice cream cone sharing watching the sun go down prior to going to Target, so there was at least some adulty, romantic stuff before we visited the Big Red Dot on a hot Saturday night.**)

Our trips to Target when the kids accompany us is an exercise in speed shopping so as to minimize Rex’s opportunities to whine for Hot Wheels and for Little Miss to gnaw on the shopping cart handle (because I’m assuming that hard plastic with a metric ton of germs is tasty).  We usually do end up paying the Target Tax of one Hot Wheels since they cost all of $.97.  And Little Miss usually manages to get one good chomp in before we steer her clear or she loses interest in the whole exercise and cries out of boredom, hunger or tiredness.

But this time, practically footloose and fancy free in Target, Mr. X and I had time to peruse the baby girl clothes (adorbs) and ponder why baby clothes manufacturers except for Carter’s refuse to make onesies in sizes over 9 months.  We didn’t go, though, just to browse the latest fashions for the under 1 set.  We needed to get Rex some new underwear and new twin sheets for his new big boy bed.  Yes, my Rex, my once-baby is now potty trained and sleeping in a twin size bed that should (knock knock) last him until he’s at least in high school.

We headed to the baby/toddler aisle for his undies since that was where we last got them for him (Cars themed, natch).  He’s already outgrown the 4T underwear, despite being 3 1/2.  And when I say outgrown, I mean it was difficult to pull them up over the booty and parts were beginning to fall out. Not a good thing.  But, 4T underwear was as high as the baby/toddler aisle was willing to go.  So we crossed the physical and mental aisle into the Land of Boys.  Never mind graduations from Pre-K or first days on the bus, it was the crossing over of that line into the section of Target that should see my kid through at least middle school hit me with the reality that my baby is growing up.

And, I got a little teary at this.  I hadn’t prepared myself for the possibility that we would be in the big boy section already.  I was so used to being in the baby/toddler aisle for another 10 years a while that it took me a minute to figure out where we would have to go to find larger sizes.  And, then we get there and the sizes made no sense. I was coming from the #T world into a place where there were sizes that seemed to correspond to Big People World. We ended up finding him size 6 underwear (still Cars! God forbid child can’t have a giant tow truck on his butt) that are comfortable but have some room to them (in the booty and otherwise).

I had a similar feeling when I was taking apart his crib after his new bed was delivered and he was helping me take it apart. I remember very well sitting on the couch one night at our old house, largely pregnant with him feeling him kick while also hearing Mr. X in the nursery cursing while trying to put the very same crib together for the very first time.  Now the child that was in the belly was now telling me he was going to help me take it apart, all while his little sister sat nearby laughing. Seasons, fashions and music change to help us know that time moves on, but for my money, the best way to know this is to have your kid who was in utero when the crib was assembled now help you take it apart.

023 with heart

Modeling the New Big Boy Bed

4 thoughts on “Teary at Target

  1. There’s just not that much separation between the infant/toddler/girls section at my local Target. So for me it’s how quickly LO is changing rooms at preschool – she started in Oct. and will be going into her 3rd room in September. How can this be?!

    It’s amazing how long the days are, but how quickly the larger time units pass!

  2. Oh, those size transitions! They are so traumatic, and yet it’s not something anyone talks about! The worst one, though, is when they can’t get shoes at StrideRite, because they’ve outgrown those sizes!

    (I too pay the Target tax, although these days its usually about a pretzel)

  3. What Blanche said.
    I know theoretically that children grow up (and that I grow old, despite my perpetual very young heart), but actually experiencing it, what can I say, I am more awed by the process than I could have believed possible. And thusly I conform to the saying that becoming a parent temporarily (for some) downgrades the IQ.

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