We are hitting some major and welcome milestones in the X household (like I’m posting twice in one month!).

I am perhaps most excited about Rex’s: he can wipe his own bottom and can buckle himself into his seat. Halle-freaking-lujah. I didn’t realize until these tasks were taken away from me just how much time and aggravation they took (of course, only after he was out of the cute cherubic baby stage when pooping in the pants is considered de riguer). And, I am sincerely grateful that I no longer have to hear, “Mooom! Come wipe me!”

Of course, that leads to the non-milestone for Little Miss, namely she’s not potty trained. I’m not fretting this yet. At 2.5, My deep mother intuition and knowing of my child tells me that she’s not quite ready yet as we’re only starting to get notification of the happening of things (i.e. “Poop out!”). I’m not thrilled with the method of basically sitting them on the potty constantly waiting for them to go.  I prefer the method where she becomes aware enough of her bodily functions and knows to alert us that they are on the way so we can get her to the potty.  We haven’t reached that point yet.

She also is still sleeping in a crib for which I am again thankful. I remember when we were first considering transitioning Rex to a toddler bed and I was terrified of him wandering around the house in the middle of the night.  We kept him in a sleep sack in his toddler bed as a precaution so that even if he did get out of bed, he would be hobbled.  Again, though, I get the sense that she’s not ready (and frankly, neither are we).

Little Miss has, however, started asking questions and being super inquisitive and it is adorable.  “Where kitty go?”, “Bye Daddy truck” and her great “I don’t know” in toddler sing song voice are precious.  My next trick is to get her to climb into her car seat on her own.

Rex’s biggest milestone by far is coming up in August – he goes to Kindergarten. There is something profoundly sad to me about having my baby go into the system (since this is the excellent free public school that we specifically moved to this neighborhood to have access to, it is definitely a system).  He has a folder now and a record and it will follow him for the next 14 years.  Of all of the things about this milestone, sharing him with a much larger community seems to be the hardest.  It’s been easy at his little community private pre-K.  Now he’ll be one of quite a few other students in an identical sea of blue shirts. At least he will also be one of the tallest kids – he’s officially now 4 feet tall.

Next goals: Rex being able to get himself juice without spilling or overpouring, Little Miss ditching the diapers and Mr. X volunteering to take the kids for a night so I can go out. One of these will not happen anytime soon. Can you guess which?

One thought on “Milestones

  1. I would venture to say the first thing to happen is the nappy ditching. 😉
    I still can’t trust George to wipe his own bottom, he is such a clutz, he managed to upend himself every time (don’t ask…), moreover he is not wiping, but smearing himself with dedication. I’m enjoying the unsoiled underware, both of them do their business in the toilet now, I am thinking of not upsetting the karmic state of “otherends” affairs.
    George starts preschool this autumn. I feel behind of times.

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