The Journey to Rex

From start to finish, it took us almost 5 years to have our bundle of joy.

4 years, 10 months, and 12 days to be exact.

Here’s how it all played out, in an abbreviated timeline because I don’t feel like typing it all out:

* March 17, 2010: Little B arrives at 40w1d in the usual way at 5:59pm weighing in at 8lbs 5oz.  We are parents!

* March 2010: obligatory third trimester freakout: slipped and fell on my ass! But, it’s all good.

* December 2009: passed 1 hour glucose test

* October 2009: obligatory second trimester freakout – this time, 1:20 chance of Down Syndrome! Had amnio which showed all was chromosomally normal.  Oh, and it’s a boy.

* September 2009: released to OB.

* August 2009: obligatory first trimester freakout – this time bleeding!

* June – July 2009: IVF #3, four blasts transferred, which appears to have worked. BFP, 11dp5dt beta = 158, 13dp5dt beta = 400, 15dp5dt beta = 846. U/S shows one little bean. EDD: March 2010.

* May 2009: birth control pills for IVF #3.

* March – April 2009: cycling through usual and customary feelings of failure, especially after mandatory IVF-failure Post MortemMargarita, anyone?

* February – March 2009IVF # 2. Two embyros transferred, BFN. 1 frozen. Much head-scratching ensues.

* October 2008 – January 2009 – on break to gird loins for coming trials and tribulations and because I was just not ready to jump in the pool again. Contemplated Did accupuncture, indulged in general navel gazing and tried to find something other than infertility about which to obsess.

* October 2008 – met with new (3rd) RE, Dr. Salsa, who advises Clomid challenge and blood tests for the usual and customary clotting disorders. No surprises.

* September 2008 – BFB – Big Fat Break. Oh, and visit with rheumatologist who starts visit with “your immune system creates anti-bodies” lesson like I’m a moron or something. I watch Mystery Diagnosis, buddy. Good news: he doesn’t think I have an autoimmune disorder. Give copious amounts of blood to confirm. Follow up in November shows no lupus!

* August 2008 – FET with totscicles from IVF #1. All 6 thawed, only 2 make it. 2 transferred, Beta = 3. BFN.

* July 2008 – broke middle toe on left foot by tripping over tennis shoe in living room. Seriously.

* June – July 2008 – mock cycle for FET in August. 4mg of Estrace and more butt shots!

* June 2008 – get thyroid tested because, um, hair falling out. Good news, perfect thyroid. Bad news, tested positive for anti-nuclear antibody. The word ‘lupus’ is mentioned. Get thee to a rheumatologist!

* March 2008 – June 2008 – break

* March 2008 – fetus found, measuring small, lived for 2 weeks and then miscarried at 8w6d (monosomy #2). D&C #2

* February 2008 – no fetal pole found, miscarriage predicted

* January – February 2008 – 1st IVF cycle, BFP (with 6 totscicles leftover)

* September 2007 – started this blog under the name The Young and the Infertile. Brief description of the whole sordid story up until now here and here.

* August – December 2007 – 4th, 5th and 6th IUI w/ injectibles, BFN

* April – August 2007 – break

* April 2007 – miscarriage at 9w2d (monosomy #1), D&C #1

* February 2007 – 3rd IUI with injectible, BFP

* November 2006 – December 2006 – 1st and 2nd IUIs with injectibles, BFN

* October 2006 – laparoscopic surgery, tubes cleared, no endo found

* August 2006 – saw 2nd RE, Dr. Uterus, HSG found blocked tubes

* July 2006 – referred to 1st RE (who I did not like)

* January 2006 – first of six Clomid cycles, nada

* May 2005 – stopped BCPs, started TTC

One thought on “The Journey to Rex

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