Step Away from Dr. Google. That’s an Order!

Dr. Google and I go way back.  He’s seen me through some pretty tough times – when I found out my tubes were blocked, when I wondered if it was normal for G to hump other Golden – and whenever I have a question that is either too pressing or too embarrassing to ask a real human being (or both), I turn to him. 

01135546100When I got my Day 4 FSH and estradiol results today, I of course plugged them in.  Big mistake.

First, I should say that my FSH was 7.1 and my estradiol was 81. The FSH is fine, it’s the estradiol that started me on a panic.  I unwisely clicked on … actual studies involving Day 3 estradiol levels that are over 75.  There were dark discussions of low egg yield for retrieval and no pregnancies.  Not what I needed to read. Mind you, one study is 12 years old.

And, never mind that in my one IVF, I had 12 eggs retrieved, 9 of which fertilized and developed.  Oh, no. All I could focus on was that damn number.  By 3pm, I was in quite a lather.

I turned to Dr. Silber’s book for some well-written guidance on whether or not I should truly freak out.  He didn’t disappoint – not only should I not worry, but I should be more focused on having an antral follicle scan!  I then consoled myself remebering that when I went in for my Day 4 ultrasound, there were lots of little pearls on the girls, so chances are I have a pretty good reserve.

But, I still cannot shake what I read in those damn articles.  I will definitely bring those up with Dr. Salsa when I meet with him in two weeks (!) and will content myself with the knowledge that if it was truly awful, they would have called me before I went in. 

So I am faced with a choice: I can either obsess and panic over this for a long time, likely without reason, or I can let it go and enjoy the fact that I have some beautiful little follies thanks to Clomid and Mr. X and I are taking every opportunity to bombard those beauties with lots of troops. 

Which do you think I’ll choose?