Disapproving Cervix

I think my cervix has decided that it has had enough prodding for the year. It was very disapproving and disgruntled during my sonohysterogram today and is still making its displeasure known with spotting and some cramping. This year it saw lots of action – four IUIs, one HSG, one pap smear (which I swear didn’t happen because I didn’t feel a damn thing), and today’s scream fest of an SHG. I’m sure if it could talk, it would say, really, enough, can I just have a break for a while to remember what it was like when I was a happy, unmolested cervix? It seems like a very long time since my cervix was seen once a year and then went on its merry way.

It’s amazing how much agony one little body part can produce. I can’t wait for childbirth.

One thought on “Disapproving Cervix

  1. Jane Eyre to Bible thumpers …hum interesting. Some of my best friends are just like you.

    I wonder what you think of me though. Good imagery with pistures. Dark and brooding.

    I don’t have kids and went through the whole nine yards of all the fertility stuff. Pain in the backside, but alas I made peace with it.

    I hope it works out for you.


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