How Random

Coherent thoughts and sentences are so overrated this morning, so this is what you’re going to get.

  • I think the Clomid is making my teeth hurt, specifically the space between my two molars. I vaguely remember this from last time.
  • Good news, though, no hot flashes yet!
  • I found the most awesomest collection on the web yesterday. The Newseum has a page devoted to the front pages of 742 newspapers from around the country and the world. I checked out the Nov. 4 archived pages, and it was pretty darn cool.
  • I have the most beautiful cat lounging right next to me.  I’m fighting the urge to poke him. 

That’s all you’re getting for now. But you know I’ll be back tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “How Random

  1. Thank you!! That is so cool!!

    I have heard of the Newseum, & as a journalist turned corporate communicator, I would LOVE to go there someday.

    Mrs. X: I really think that it is the most unsung museum in Washington.

  2. Love the Newseum page! You know, I think I had a tooth thing with Clomid too.

    Mrs. X: isn’t it amazing what this stuff does? I’m certain that there are no medical sites who are listing hurting teeth as a side effect, but it has been for me!

  3. i never got toothaches the first time i was on clomid, i’m more than a little bit scared about going on it again. eek!!!

    please resist the urge to poke the kitty cat, you don’t want to interrupt the thousandth nap of the day! 😉

    Mrs. X: here’s the thing about any fertility drug. No one has the same reactions – for example, i have zero reactions to Lurpon, but progesterone sends me off the ledge. I wouldn’t really worry about it, chances are it’ll be not nearly as bad as you think.

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