This Must Be the Place

Not only is this the title to one my of all-time favorite ever songs, this should be my new mantra in getting used to the idea that I am now a patient in an obstetrics office.  Not an infertility doctor.  Not even the gyno.  A doctor for pregnant ladies.  Whoa, momma.

We had our first OB appointment today, and it went very well.  Our OB is just adorable and super nice (in fact, I think she might very well be known here as Dr. Sweet).  Dr. Salsa hooked me up.  She took our (sordid) history and I got the impression very quickly that she understood that we were not her typical patients and that she was more than up to the task of dealing with our unique challenges.  The practice itself seems like a pretty low-key.  There was just one other person in the waiting room when we arrived and during our whole visit, we weren’t hurried at all.  What was really amazing was that there was not a single poster showing a baby in the whole place. for which I am truly grateful.  Even now, those are a bit much for me.  I was weighed and then I had to give a urine sample – which for a moment I thought was so that they could confirm what we’ve known for the last 10 weeks – but was really so that they could look for proteins, etc.  Then it was essentially a well-woman visit complete with the breast exam! and pap smear!  But, she was super gentle and it was fine.

Then she whipped out the portable doppler.  I had been eying it ever since we got in the room with a mixture of curiosity and anxiety.  Then, I was slathered with gel and all we could hear was …. my heartbeat.  But, I did not allow myself to panic.  I got dressed and headed over to the sono room where I had my first belly ultrasound, with even more gel.  And, of course, there was the little bugger looking a little groggy but perking up once he knew he was on TV.  We even got a little wave.  Heartbeat was 167 and measurement was on target at 12w1d.

We are set up to schedule the nuchal translucency test next week.  This must be the place.

9 thoughts on “This Must Be the Place

  1. Congrats on your uneventful visit. Glad things are going smoothly for you! We’re doing the nuchal translucency scan also, and I’m so disconnected I’ve forgotten when it is (all I remember is the appointment time and that it’s soon). Argh. Off to call…..

  2. Is it strange that this post gave me chills? I’m so excited that you’re moving on to new things.

    And the pee-in-a-cup thing happens with every visit to check for proteins. Fun stuff, that.

  3. “I’m just an animal, looking for a home…” [bawled out in full Balkan-style yodel]

    So, so very glad things went well. Isn’t it funny how laid-back OB appts seem? For the first couple, I was like, “So, don’t you want to do anything else with me? How can that be it?”

  4. I love that song, too.

    Congrats again on your routine OB visit. I could not believe how, after that first check-up, no one wanted me to take off my pants and get in the stirrups ever again (until, say, week 36). I was so used to that whole pantsless ultrasound wand song-n-dance, that I actually had to remind myself at the pregnancy visits to stay dressed. Weird.

    Good luck with your NT scan! That’s when the really cool ultrasound photos start happening.

  5. Revel in these uneventful visits! If the “worst” is the peeing in the cup and weighing in, wondering if it was enough, too much, or not enough is all there is, you are on your way!

    I am thrilled beyond measure for you and Mr. X, and you have my continued prayers as these laid-back visits continue for several months, without circumstance, and with a growing peace in your heart and mind, and bump in your belly…

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